Quick and easy registry

Simple and short process. It takes 5 minutes to complete.

Gift card

Available to redeem in store immediately. You can have 350 or 550 NOK back.

Free shipping

We even collect it at your doorstep in certain areas, covering all expenses.

Hassle free

Don’t have any hassle with the buying process.

We make sure what we wear is not compromising where we play

We believe reusing products can make a great impact on the planet’s sustainability. That’s why we created DbRenewed, a circular system that allows anyone to buy reused Db products and trade in what they don’t use anymore.

Put used to use, and play longer

Here at Db, designing bags and taking care of our planet goes hand in hand. We know we need to adapt the way we behave as a business and start practising what we preach.

Our Db Renewed initiative is the first of many steps we’re about to take. The idea is simple; our bags are designed to be durable and long lasting, and sometimes out-live their buyer’s need for use. We want to stop these Db's being flung in the back of a wardrobe and forgotten about, and instead repurpose them to their former glory so they can be taken on new adventures with new owners.

Amazing value and beauty

The product you get has a story to tell
and it's beautiful

Sustainable circular economy

Contribute to reducing our carbon
footprint (CO2e)

Same quality warranty

Keep Db's high-quality, durable
products in circulation longer

Handcrafted locally

Less impact on the planet!

Trade in your Db in just 5 minutes


Register the bag


Wrap it in the product and write or print the code we’ll send you


Select a date and a delivery point


We take care of the rest. Enjoy your gift card!