Put used to use, play for longer

Our bags allow you to get your belongings from A to B and back again in pieces made for the job. While the adventures we take them on may change, the playground we choose to explore does not. Planet earth is a never-ending opportunity of discovery, and one that’s often taken for granted. This has to stop.

We take more from this planet than we give back, and the textile industry accounts for 20% of the world's waste production alone. This fast fashion must change. We need to reduce our footprint on this planet so we can ensure future generations can enjoy the playground we have at our disposal.

Here at Db, designing bags and taking care of our planet goes hand in hand. We know we need to adapt the way we behave as a business and start practising what we preach. Our Dobetter initiative is the first of many steps we’re about to take. The idea is simple; our bags are designed to be durable and long lasting, and sometimes out-live their buyer’s need for use. We want to stop these Db's being flung in the back of a wardrobe and forgotten about, and instead repurpose them to their former glory so they can be taken on new adventures with new owners.

“Here at Db, designing bags and taking care of our planet goes hand in hand”


So, if you’re based in Norway and have a Db bag that’s looking for it’s next adventure buddy - trade it back to us and we’ll play matchmaker and sort it a Home 2.0. If you are from other parts of the world and want this service in your country, give us a heads up here and we will try to expand to your country as well. It doesn’t matter if you had a change of needs, a change of taste or maybe accidentally wrecked it after one too many powder hunts, we will fix it up and send it on its way.

Together, let's make sure that what we use won’t compromise where we go.