Taking action

Our impact on the planet

Our purpose comes to life every day through our actions to drive meaningful, positive change in the world. For over the last years, we have worked to create value in our comunities through connection with the planet and, in the face of global challenges, we are on a journey to address social and environmental barriers to collective wellbeing.

A circular economy proposes more efficient material flows in growth-based economy and in support of sustainable development. Renew and Repair is presented as one of the phases in a circular economy and supports product lifetime extension.

“The textile industry is responsible for approx. 10% of annual global CO2 emissions, more than all international aviation and shipping combined. If the trend continues, emissions will increase by more than 50% by 2030. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, used clothes from Asia, Europe and the USA fill up Chile's desert every year further, and 40,000 tonnes of used clothes are dumped in desert every year. If the development in demographics and living standards continues as it is now, global consumption of clothes will increase by more than 60% over the next 10 years and garbage disposal will never end.“

“We believe in repurposing bags to their former glory”


CEO of Vandre

Making a move

The power of reusing with Vandre

We have a vision to make the sports and textile industry easier, greener and cheaper. We offer a solution that facilitates and enables reuse for brands. We will help more people get on tour and have good nature experiences, at the same time as we help to limit the footprint of each individual.

We developed a recycling model in the sports and outdoor industry, where we help the brands with the recycling of their own used products. We do this by buying back products from consumers, repairing them, then reselling the products on the brand's used platform.

“If you can't fix it - don't buy it”


CEO of Vandre

Our Philosophy

Kintsugi, embracing of the flawed or imperfect

The Japanese art of Kintsugi is not just a method of repair but also a philosophy. It’s the belief that breaks, torns, broken pieces and repairs become valuable and esteemed part of the history of an object, rather than something to be hidden. That, in fact makes the piece even more beautiful for having been broken. Kintsugi suggests that scars are nothing to be ashamed of! Scars are beautiful and an inevitable part of life.

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“Kintsugi is based on the belief that something broken is stronger and more beautiful because of its imperfections, the history attached to it, and its altered state”