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If you’re based in Scandinavia and have a Db bag that’s looking for it’s next adventure buddy - trade it back to us.

The bags that are included in the program: The Strøm 30L, The Nær 40L, The Backpack, The Æra 40L, The Strøm 50L, The Nær 65L, The Backpack Pro, The Fjäll 20L, The hytta 50L, The Strøm 60L Rollerbag, The Djärv Snowroller, The Hytta 70L, The Sømløs 32L Rolltop Backpack, The Strøm 90L, The Hytta 90L


Register your bag’s information

Press register trade and follow the guidelines. Remember to choose whether you want your gift card at Db Journey for new products or at Db Renewed for second hand products.


We send you the shipping information by e-mail

After confirming we have the right information we will send you a shipping code/label by e-mail.

We even collect it at you doorstep in certain areas, we will tell you that through the checkout.

If you choose to deliver the product via dropoff location (nearest PostNord collection point) just follow their instructions.


Register your bag’s information

During this process your bag is going to be Renewed, repaired and made ready for its next adventure!

Once we recieve it you will get your gift card.